Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kitesurfing Presque Isle PA

Although the Buffalo/Hamburg area has the highest probability of getting wind. Sometimes a little traveling is required to get your fix.

Presque Isle is located right off Route 5 in Erie PA. Its about 90 miles south of Buffalo and well worth the drive. Its a gorgeous sandy peninsula that seems to go for miles into Lake Erie.

From what we can tell, Presque Isle is only really good on North East and South West winds. There is a bay side with launch areas, and an open side with a sandy beach that goes for miles!

On a South West wind, head right to Beach 1 after you get on the isle. For North East winds, head what seems to be a few miles down. You will pass a small harbor inside the isle and the road will start to bend right. Start looking for beaches here.

Be aware that we are only allowed to ride the unguarded beaches so don't be a tool and ruin it for everyone else!

There are also some really cools rock pilings on the open (left) side of the isle. Their purpose is to keep the isle from eroding, but they're also really indiscriminate about eating, kites, boards, people, or whatever rolls into them.

The pilings generate some fabulous waves, and a nasty undertow. You'll find it harder to stay upwind inside of the rocks, once you get outside, the current gets more manageable.

Don't be afraid of downwinders, there is plenty of beach to self land kites, again, just don't pull up on a guarded section. The place is most desolate unless you hit it the last week of July when their big festival is going on.

Have fun, make the drive.